LBC Action

Organizational Strategy & Development

Action for Good:  LBC Action partners with people who are ready to take action for good. If your organization is on a mission to meet a challenge, to seize an opportunity, or to find a new path forward, we can help. Our team offers the following core services.

organizational effectiveness

Organizational Effectiveness

External impact starts with internal efficiency. LBC Action helps partners optimize team structures, improve program design, and build boards.

How We Help

  • Create customized strategic action plans
  • Design organizational team structures for efficiency and productivity
  • Facilitate program design and improvement
  • Advise on board development, budgeting, operations and fundraising plans

Strategic Philanthropy

How We Help

  • For nonprofit organizations, analyze current fundraising strategy, identify strengths and weaknesses, and tailor communications for funders in different sectors
  • For nonprofit organizations, build fundraising strategies around specific outcomes, identify best metrics to track, and facilitate outreach to institutional and government funders
  • For institutional and government funders, support cross-sector collaboration around shared outcomes and facilitate new connections (e.g. equity, justice, and the outdoors)